Welcome to Jitterbit’s New Support Portal!

Just Have a Simple Question?


Click on the New Support Case button.  Complete all of the fields in the case form and submit.  You will automatically receive the assigned case number within minutes via email.  The Jitterbit Customer Support Team will respond to your question in a timely manner.

Are you an Enterprise Customer and/or Require Tracking Options?

Click on the PORTAL tab at the top of the page.

Don’t Have an Account?

Initially all customers will need to register with the Support Portal.  Just enter your email address and Click Submit.

You will automatically receive your Username and a link to create your password within minutes via email.  Click on the link in the email to access the Change Password page of the Jitterbit Support Portal.  Enter a new password and enter the password again in the Verify field.  Click the Change Password button.  You will automatically be transported to the home page of the support portal.

From this point forward, you will simply log into the portal using your username and password.


Select My Open Cases or Recently Viewed Cases from the View drop-down menu.


Click Edit to add details and/or to attach files to the existing case.

Click image002 to follow the case and receive updates.

Case Number

Click on the link in the Case Number field to view the case detail, emails, solutions, comments, history, and attachments.  The option to Close or Clone the case is also available.

New Case

Click on the New Support Case button on the support.jitterbit.com home page.

OR, Click on the PORTAL tab, log into your account, Click the New Case button at the top of your list of Cases.